Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

Website: www.aboriginal.sydneycatholic.org

Alexandria Office

77 Buckland Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
PO Box 121, Alexandria NSW 1435
Phone: 9698 4265
Fax: 9698 3912

The Reconciliation Church
& Office at La Perouse

11 Yarra Road, La Perouse NSW 2036
PO Box 296, Matraville NSW 2036
Phone: 9311 0918
Fax: 9311 0953

The aim and purpose of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry (ACM) is to promote reconciliation and mutual understanding, taking responsibility for the pastoral care of Catholic Aborigines and supporting them in the living of their Faith.The work of the Ministry also provides an interface between Aboriginal people and the Catholic Church, it represents the concerns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and acts as an advocate on their behalves, as well as providing certain services such as counselling and access to education directed towards practical assistance.