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The Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Homebush

The Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Homebush is the place of formation for priests for the Archdiocese of Sydney, other dioceses from within NSW, as well as receiving some students from overseas. The seminary seeks to provide an environment and a community that fosters and nurtures the calling that a man experiences to the diocesan priesthood.

It is the seminary life, firstly in its prayer and community, that provides the environment where a vocation can be nurtured. The seminary also provides formation in the development of the human character in the spiritual life, in the pastoral skills and academic training to enable priests to be ready to carry out their mission in the Church. As we begin a new millennium, the challenge that is before us in seminaries is to provide a priest who is able to meet the great challenges we face in societies like Australia.

The Seminary of the Good Shepherd seeks to produce men who are strong in faith, deep in their love of God, of people, men who are truly men of the Church, men of God, and who have a heart of a servant. Shepherds after the heart of God.


Seminary of the Good Shepherd
Archdiocese of Sydney

Website: www.sgs.org.au
50-58 Abbotsford Road, Homebush NSW 2140
PO Box 4149, Homebush South NSW 2140
Phone: 9752 9600
Fax: 9764 3832
Email: seminary@sgs.org.au

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